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Top 10 Worst Potato Chips and Snack Foods


I have already written a column on the best choices of potato chips … remembering however that there is no such thing as a healthy potato chip! For this column, I was given the mandate to get my hands on the worst potato chip choices. Maybe your favorites will end up in my top 10… Don’t panic, keep in mind that crisps are foods that we should eat occasionally, and in small quantities. However, start reviewing your choices if the handful of chips comes up every night.

The potato chips market does not slow down over the years: new flavors, new “cuts”, new cooking times. We are even seeing choices of potato chips made with vegetables.

1. Bar-BQ, Fritos

We reach with Fritos on the BBQ the worst peaks in terms of fat and sodium. Almost the equivalent of 4 small containers of butter, and a quarter of our maximum recommended sodium intake. It is a choice that should be eliminated outright, providing no nutritional benefit.

2. Puffs, Cheetos

Apart from staining the fingers, these Puffed Cheetos do not contribute many nutrients to our body! Lots of fat and sodium here too with 3g saturated which is way too much. We also eliminate.

3. Jumble, Cheetos

The finding is the same as for Puffed Cheetos. In fact, the nutritional values ​​of the two products are downright identical. Cheetos Jumble’s ingredient list is long and full of questionably named ingredients. There is no point in snacking on this kind of food unless you want to gain a lot of weight!

4. Bar-BQ, Ruffles

BBQ Ruffles are the saltiest in this top 10. 600 mg, or 25% of the maximum recommended sodium intake. The amounts of total fat and saturated fat are also very high. We also find ourselves in the presence of a long list of ingredients. We avoid.

5. Hickory Julienne, Hostess

They seem harmless, however, the small juliennes of potatoes with hickory, but imagine that the surface soaking in the frying bath is very small, therefore, a high presence of fat. This is also confirmed by the nutritional values, also with a large amount of sodium.

6. Mac and cheese and jalapeno, Lay’s

A new product at Lay’s, these macaroni and cheese and jalapeno chips piqued my curiosity, as I was expecting nutritional values ​​that were not going to be very encouraging. A rather high amount of lipids and saturated fats. An endless list of ingredients…!

6. Original, Old-school, Irresistible

It’s not such a terrible choice, but it’s actually about average potato chips. And in the end, there is no real solution to get your hands on “healthy” chips. Oily, caloric and salty. That’s the summary here too.

7. Vegetable Sticks, Viva, Yum Yum

I would have liked to help you by telling you that there are vegetable chips that are super healthy, and much better than potato chips, but Yum Yum’s Viva 5 vegetable chips are unfortunately in my top 10. there are no advantages to choosing this product. When we look at the first ingredient, it’s potatoes, to which we add vegetable powders… Beware of packaging that could suggest healthy choices!

8. Original recipe, Miss Vickies

This kind of pot-cooked potato chips, like Miss Vickie’s, has its share of followers. These chips often remain very greasy because of their prolonged cooking in oil, and a thick cut. To consume with moderation.

9. Mild Mesquite BBQ, Cape Cod

The finding is the same as for Miss Vickie’s crisps. The kettle cooking of these Cape Cod Mild Mesquite Barbecue Chips helps to make them fatty chips. They also contain a significant amount of sugar. We already had enough with salt and fat!

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