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The top 10 high calorie fast food foods


We all know that eating in fast food restaurants often means too many calories, fat and salt. Even if more and more, the trend is moving towards a healthier offer, the classics remain and are often the worst choices.

In order to bring out the worst calorie monstrosities, I’ve done my research and bring you the worst choices to make at fast food restaurants. This food is often tempting, tasty and strangely tasty. If you succumb on occasion, it’s not a drama, but you have to know how to go about it in moderation!

1- Mcdonalds

This charming trio provides us with 1120 calories, 147 g of carbohydrates, 46 g of fat, 1300 mg of sodium and 28 g of protein. By breaking down this menu, we already reach half of the caloric needs of a man. Second, the meal is 37% fat, which is huge. Also, we are already at 54% of our sodium needs met for the day.

2- A&W

The results are nearly identical with 1240 calories, 174g carbs, 47g fat, 1650mg sodium, and 40g protein. Our sodium needs for the day are 69% met. Prepare to drink plenty of water after your meal!

3- Burger King

The values ​​are as follows: 1200 calories, 149 g carbohydrates, 55 g fat, 1435 mg sodium and 32 g protein. Of the 3 restaurants, this is the one with the highest fat content. 41% of the calories in the meal come from the fats present in the food.

A little novelty at Burger King, a fries that boasts of being 40% less fatty than the regular one. It is surely worth trying!


It is at Harvey’s that we obtain the lowest calorie trio with 1070 calories. This is followed by 70 g of carbohydrates, 35 g of fat, 1830 mg of sodium and 25 g of protein. On the other hand, it is here that we find the saltiest menu at the extreme, which meets 76% of our sodium needs for the day.

5- Valentine

This nutritious meal is catastrophic. You get 1320 calories, 186 g of carbohydrates, 50 g of fat, 1660 mg of sodium and 31 g of protein. It is therefore 34% of the energy that comes from fat and this meal meets 70% of our daily needs in sodium only.

6- Kentucky Fried Chicken

It is a large chicken breast, spiced and breaded to be fried, all arranged in a sesame seed kaiser bun with a leaf of lettuce. It’s a bomb side nutritional values: 1381 calories, 192 g of carbohydrates, 50 g of fat, 2854 mg of sodium and 43 g of protein. The sodium level exceeds the daily requirement by 400 mg. This meal alone could almost be enough for our caloric needs for the day.

7- Amir

A quick tour of the Lebanese where we find the logo stuck in the glass: Lebanese healthy cuisine. I opted for:

For a total of: 1548 calories, 158 g of carbohydrates, 65 g of fat, 1420 mg of sodium and 56 g of protein. Lots of fat and sodium. Note that there are ways to make interesting choices in this type of establishment provided that sauces and fried foods are avoided.

8- Scoring

And in addition, we will make no effort to move, so no calories burned. The total: 1500 calories, 138 g of carbohydrates, 65 g of fat, 1055 mg of sodium and 95 g of protein… Damn, I forgot the cabbage!

9-Dairy Queen

After all these salty foods, I wanted something sweet… Direction Dairy Queen where I opted for a:

Attention, it breaks records: 1260 calories, 53 g of fat, 184 g of carbohydrates, 720 mg of sodium and 20 g of protein. Be careful with these frozen treats. On their own, they can compete in calories and fat with the equivalent of a full meal and more than half of your caloric needs for the day.

10- Tim Hortons

Warning. We end up with 640 calories, 19 g of fat, 115 g of carbohydrates and 9 g of protein. It’s almost 1/3 of the energy that comes from fat and in addition, 9 g of protein will not allow you to feel satisfied until the next meal, which risks making you have a small snack before the meal. next meal.

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