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6 Winter Accessories To Keep You Safe When Enjoying The Outdoors


There’s a great deal of outdoor adventure to be experienced during the depths of winter and it is becoming more common for outdoor enthusiasts to plan trips for the winter period. Alongside the landscapes being free from the grapple of summer tourists, winter adventures also allow individuals to see environments in entirely new ways, experiencing them differently too, as is the case with cold water swimming.

As this penchant for the wild winter grows, it is important that those being inspired to explore the colder landscapes make an effort to be safe since low temperatures, especially when outdoors, come with a degree of risk. To ensure that individuals are ready for their chilly adventure, we’re sharing six essential winter accessories that help to assure safety when outdoors.

Base Layer

A fundamental part of winter outwear is the base layer. This insulated clothing helps to keep a body’s core temperature warm and comfortable, especially when being active outdoors. Base layers do this by drawing sweat away from the body, a process referred to as wicking. This moisture would otherwise be trapped under clothing and lead to a drop in body temperature.


While sunglasses might seem like an accessory purely for the summer season, it should be known that they are also essential for winter excursions, especially if there is snow. This is because sunlight bounces off snow, with bright white landscapes being problematic for those hiking, causing significant glare and strain.

Insulated Bottle

Keeping one’s body temperature warm and comfortable doesn’t just mean considering its exterior but also its interior too. This is where an insulated bottle is important, as they are a great source of heat on a cold day, keeping people warm by giving them access to toasty beverages throughout the day. Modern designs even ensure warm temperatures for up to (and sometimes over) twenty-four hours too!

Ice Grips

If the outdoor adventure sees an individual explore rugged terrain, it is highly recommended to equip footwear with ice spikes or snow grips. These lightweight additions dramatically improve grip while ensuring a greater degree of balance and stability when traversing snowy and icy landscapes. For those wanting to cross snowy landscapes, these are essential, since the landscape underneath is not always visible.

Waterproof Jacket

A jacket should be, aside from well-insulating, waterproof too. This extra layer will help to prevent windchill while also keeping the body dry. Then, should an individual become too warm, the extra layer can be adjusted or removed. A great waterproof jacket will also have other features too, such as durability and ease of being compacted.

Gloves And Liners

It would be surprising for any outdoorsy individual to head out without a pair of gloves to ensure their hands retain warmth, however, a greater number of people may neglect to add glove liners to their checklist. These extra items are a simple addition but work wonders in helping with both insulation and grip at low temperatures.

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