take with your best friends

4 unforgettable trips to take with your best friends


Want to dream a little and start planning your next trip  with best friends ? Here are four destinations that make you dream, and that it will be good to discover together.

Latin America

To dance the samba , climb Machu Picchu or drink the best caipirinhas in the world, the countries of Latin America have something to delight adventurers and those who like to party!

Costa Rica , Argentina, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, from the Pacific coast through the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic coast, the possibilities are almost endless. Yoga retreat in Tulum , surf trip in Costa Rica , discovery of glaciers in Patagonia, tasting of Argentinian wines in Maipú… We assess your budget, your desires, your musts  and off you go!

To prepare for your (first) surf trip, follow the advice of Oui Surf , and follow these few leads for an Indiana Jones -style adventure trip .

Las Vegas and Nevada

Las Vegas isn’t just for guy trips , far from it! But again, it’s not just casinos and hotels in Sin City; you can also attend a panoply of colorful shows.

We also plan a little time to do a luxury shopping session (at reduced prices ) and to stroll in front of the fountains of the Bellagio. Treat yourself to a… gondola ride? Why not! In any case  , this is what the Venetian hotel offers us , and it is not the only one to offer this kind of unusual activity .

And for those who would be dazed by all the city lights, head to the Nevada desert ! We venture into its canyons, its Far West or even its extraterrestrial route…


Whether for shopping, afternoon tea  or a trip to a bar after a rock show in a legendary concert hall , the capital of the United Kingdom remains an essential destination.

In this trip, there will be nothing too beautiful: we treat ourselves to a glass of bubbles at Vertigo , a champagne bar on the 42nd floor of a building, or even a journey worthy of Bridget Jones.

San Francisco

For those who love the city, but also nature, art and the sun, San Francisco has it all. This destination rich in spectacular landscapes, but also in unusual places, offers so many opportunities to party, taste good wines or treat yourself to a little health break.

Of course, San Francisco isn’t all about vegan counters and cool wine bars. There is also a long list of coffees for aficionados of lattes and other specialized infusions. After touring the best cafes in town, we treat ourselves to a nice stroll through the friendly and pretty neighborhoods of Mission, Alamo Square and Haight-Ashbury, to end with a visit to North Beach.

Or organize a trip according to a theme

And finally, you could always organize a thematic trip. For example, you could follow in the footsteps of characters from one of your favorite series, such as Friends , or even organize a trip to please the princess in you, and discover the most beautiful castles in the world. In short, let your passions guide you and your friend.

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